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Illinois DUI Statistics- Shocking Information You Must Know

man drinking and driving in Illinois

DUI is one of the top concerns when it comes to enforcing road rules and it is rather appalling that not too many people seem to be bothered about the astounding facts surrounding this awful habit that many individuals are too fond of.

Whenever you turn on the evening news or open up the morning paper, you will never not see a featured road mishap caused by an incredibly irresponsible driver who appears to have a death wish and has made the choice for the life of other innocent drivers who just happened to be unlucky enough to take the same road he or she did.

If and when you look at Illinois DUI statistics over the past few years, you will be stunned at the level of commitment that people have to the art of destroying other people’s futures by making a widely inappropriate choice of driving while intoxicated.

USA DUI statistics chart

Here are some Illinois DUI statistics that will shock, amaze, astound, and make you concerned if you are not at the moment:

There have been 250,000 deaths over the past decade in alcohol related accidents.

In this year alone, there are already 25,000 fatalities from drunken driving mishaps.

There are at least 500 people killed every week because of alcohol-related car crashes.

71 people are killed every day because of drunk driving

Alcohol-related accidents are one of the main causes of death in young people between the ages of 16-24.

50% of highway car crashes involving two vehicles are alcohol induced.

65% of sing car crash incidents are caused by drivers who are alcohol-impaired.

Over 36% of pedestrian deaths are caused by drunk drivers who run them over like road kill.

80% of drunken driving-related accidents happen between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm.

Every year, there are at least 700,000 people who are either killed or seriously injured as a result of DUI practices.

For every 200 impaired drivers on the road, only one is arrested.

$24 Billion is the annual cost of alcohol-related accidents in so far as insurances are concerned.

These Illinois DUI statistics are considered as merely the tip of the iceberg, if you delve deeper into the subject, you will find out more shocking truths that you might not even have the stomach for. This is why even the best criminal defense lawyers in McLean County are overwhelmed with DUI cases.

It is heartbreaking as well as frustrating that people are rarely aware of these things, and those who are aware do not have even the slightest care. Although the United States has some of the safest roads in the world, it has its enormous share in the percentage of accidents that happen on the road every single day.

There are efforts made toward making these facts known as many citizens as possible, but nothing beats personal responsibility and law-abiding practices. You can help reduce the accidents on the road by being a responsible driver who knows his limits and by helping others become the same way.

Benefits Of Working With DUI Lawyer

man undergoing sobriety testDriving under the influence (DUI) laws have actually been imposed to guard individuals from others who are operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicant Working with a DUI lawyer makes a perfect decision if you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence. If you’ve been charged under DUI case, you should surely hire a DUI lawyer for court proceedings before it’s too late. There are many law firms available offering services of professional lawyers to represent your case in a court of law.

Working with inexperienced lawyers means you are cheating yourself. Therefore, you need to find someone who has good experience in handling DUI cases. Working with a DUI lawyer means you’ll be working with an expert who has both the technical skills as well as experience to represent your DUI case successfully. If you want to win the case, all you need to do is to speak with am an expert DUI lawyer immediately after your arrest. There are many different benefits of working with a professional attorney.

DUI lawyer , is well trained and experienced. They have expertise in handling court proceedings. They are well versed with the legal laws and keep up to date information about ever changing court laws. Some other benefits are also there, such as:

They have more contacts in the field, which means that your winning chances are quite high.

Another major benefit of working with a DUI attorney in Sacramento is that you’ll be working with a certified and well qualified person. He is someone who is completely focused on grooming their skills in the DUI law area.

If your lawyer regularly attend the seminars, and participate in workshops, this means you’ll be working with someone who is definitely knowledgeable about DUI defense.

Preparing for your DUI case is an imperative phase while working with your DUI lawyer Because this is the time when your lawyer extracts actual information from you. Make sure that you need to be truthful to your lawyer so that he will be able to ascertain the actual findings. Therefore, it is always wise to hire a lawyer as soon as you can after being charged under the DUI case. Because if you wait too long, the details seem to fade and you may not be able to get the most out of it. Your attorney will make use of journals to support your defense. In special cases, he may even conduct research to identify if there are any hidden evidences.

Hire a DUI Attorney

DUI AttorneyBeing prosecuted for a felony DUI or DWI will constantly mean incarceration. So, to prevent your case from worsening or prove yourself not guilty; it is always wise to seek the assistance and guidance of a reputable DUI lawyer who will assess your situation, investigate and ensure that all examinations are done the right way, propose to you exactly what you should not say and do and help you escape a driver’s license suspension.

Select the very best DUI attorney for your case. The very best method to fight for your legal rights is to acquire proper legal representation. Call a qualified lawyer as soon as you have been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.